Remix Danke Sun!

Oh hi… It’s sure been a while since we’ve had a remix event, so we’re excited to be able to present another one!

When Danke Sun approached us to release their debut album along with three lead up singles, we were thrilled! They also said they’d like to get remixers involved and that got us thinking. With the band being open as far as release schedule, we knew we’d have enough time to get fans involved, rather than just reaching out to our talented family of artists and producers!

Are you a musician or producer? Would you like to be involved and possibly included on a future release?Go ahead and grab the stems! Have fun… send your creations our way. See the text file included in each zip file for format specifics.

Four great songs available to remix

A punta de pistola

Download the remix kit


Download the remix kit

Bandeja de plata

Download the remix kit


Download the remix kit

About Danke Sun


Danke Sun are an spanish alternative-rock band formed by Jordi Bohigues and Javier Peiró, both members of Daily Khaos delivery (DKd). The name of Danke Sun came up as an attempt to shorten their band name into a more simple and catchy thing. The project starts off at the end of 2016, and lyrically it means a return to their origins, as they go back to writing songs in their mother tongue.

The method of their compositions keeps the same formula, like they did with Daily Khaos delivery and Deadlines (their side project), but with the addition of a bigger influence from the spanish pop-rock bands that hit in the eighties scene in Spain.

During the next two years, 2017 and 2018, Jordi and Javier focus on writing songs and recording demos. As a result, Danke Sun publish one first EP, Movimiento, in May of 2018, which contains the songs Movimiento, A contraluz, Al final and Miss interrupción.

In 2019 Danke Sun embark on the recording and production of what will become their first long playing album, which is named Aquí hay una araña. The album gets finished in november of 2019, and it contains ten brand-new songs, all of them written in spanish.


Danke Sun es un grupo español de pop-rock alternativo formado por Jordi Bohigues y Javier Peiró, ambos integrantes de Daily Khaos delivery (DKd). El proyecto surgió a finales de 2016, y musicalmente supone una vuelta a sus orígenes, ya que se decantan por componer y grabar las canciones en español. La fórmula en cuanto a estilo y sonido mantiene las bases ya fijadas en sus proyectos anteriores como Daily Khaos delivery o Deadlines, y es una evolución natural de dichos proyectos.

El grupo empieza a trabajar en la composición y elaboración de nuevas canciones durante 2017 y 2018. Como resultado, Danke Sun publica un primer EP, Movimiento, en mayo de 2018, en Southern City´s Lab. Dicho EP contiene las canciones Movimiento, A contraluz, Al final y Miss interrupción.

En 2019 Danke Sun se embarca en la grabación y producción del que será su primer LP, Aquí hay una araña. El disco queda terminado en noviembre de 2019, contiene diez canciones completamente nuevas, y está compuesto totalmente en español.

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